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Monday, September 10, 2012

Rebuild 9Q1EK station

-November 08,2012: 70cm Preamplifier done !
- September 25, 2012:  2m Preamplifier and QRO coaxial relays in a RF box, done !
For 2m operation ; Parts used:

-          RF aluminum waterproof enclosure.

-          Transmit Coaxial relays EME HF 4002/3-7/16 (see specifs below)

-          Receive Coaxial relays TOHTSU CX-140D  @ 150 Mhz : Cross-talk suppressor: 51dB; Insertion loss: 0,1dB; Switching time: 12 ms  ../..
-          Transmit Coaxial cable RG393/U @ 150 Mhz :Power handling:  3.7 Kw ; Attenuation: 0.09dB/m;
-          Receive semi rigid Coaxial cable Multiflex UT141-50
-          50 Ohms termination
-          Preamplifier KHUNE DB6NT MKU LNA 144A (specifs installed : 26,5 dB- noise 0,35 dB)
-    Connector XLR male (control from TX/RX sequencer)
-          RF connectors 7/16 female

I know ! coax relays, connectors, etc... are expensive, but ! the project was able to withstand the power in the futur (above 2,5 kw) and have sufficient insulation vs frequency to protect the preamp.
Next step will be: same RF switch box for 70cm, 23cm and separate three bands RX/TX sequencer.

September 14, 2012: All options are installed.
      ( 2 x DSP UT106; Filters FL-132/FL-133 ; Crystal CR-293; UX-910) and small adjustment of the sensitivity on the three band. (see W6PQL IC-910H tweaks).

Next step will be the construction of outdoor switch box and preamplifier`s DB6NT KUHNE.

September 03, 2012, Finally, parts coming in Kinshasa, IC-910 buy through eBay and parts from ICOM France and DIFONA Germany. As promised I will try to put 9Q land on EME 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm.
More development later...