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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

9Q land is on standby

Soon... ! after several mounths of standby

I will be again on air.

Due to a QSY of my QRA (in flat now..!!!)

I'm going to install very soon my station on my prof. radio broadcast site.

The available hours will be reduced

Station will be FT2000 with OM2500HF

Dipoles 160, 80, 40 + Delta loop + beam

on 45m tower.

Major trafic will be in CW.


Later....2nd project on this site is


144 Mhz with 4 x 16 el + 8877

432 Mhz with 4 x 21 el + 8938

73 to all



NB : the beacon 50,021 Mhz (9Q1D/B - 10 w with vertical dipole) JI75PQ) is always ON AIR .