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Friday, July 27, 2007

9Q Kinshasa ressourcefullness

ON THE 9Q Roads....

Funny pictures of the week..

Kinshasa ressourcefullness....

73 Georges

Monday, July 23, 2007

SO2V to SO2R at 9Q1EK station

CX family.... 4CX350 - 4CX1500 - 3CX3000 - 4CX15000

Finally I moved in SO2R mode.
I was in a hurry to move under this mode. Just to see. And then, during the first hours, I must confess that it was not easy with two different audio on the headset…

I brought back some equipment from Montreal during my last QSY to improve the station.
Now that goes well better as having refitted the station.

(Notably while modifying the emergency lighting with the candle by a neon 12 vDC…hi)
The SO2R this made from the copy like a model of at TOP TEN devices, the DX doubler.
I asked the manufacturer to give me the costs of the transportation to receive it in the Congo Kinshasa, I never received any news!! (Same thing for the ICE filters company), I constructed this gadgets therefore.
Again some small worries must be adjusted notably of the antennas side. Now, I use some homemade pass band filters, but not practical, easy for the band changes. I am also to the construction of coax stub.
I think to build also two boxes of switch able filters like ICE model for every TRX.

73 de Georges

BEACON 50MHZ Kinshasa 9Q1D/B

Our friend, Gus 9Q1D left Kinshasa end of June 2007 for his native Sweden while letting us his 6m beacon and his antenna dipole that were installed near the Congo River.

I reinstalled  it on my of FM transmitters site on a hill overhanging the city of Kinshasa, therefore with a very good coverage during 24/7.
 Today june 2012, no probem at all, it`s work fine.
It is about a TX Russian origin that it already traveled a lot according to Gus, but in perfect condition of working with 10w RF on 50,021 MHz, call 9Q1D/B until year September 2007.
Don't hesitate to inform me when openings signal although the TEP (Trans equatorial propagation) either capricious!
We benefited since Kinshasa during the months of April, May and June of very good openings with Europe (about 150 QSO on my log)
I am very often in RX on 50,110 CW for a possible call (because too many useless CQ) and for the meantime the only one in 9Q on this strip.
I hope to hear you very soon.
73 de Georges