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Saturday, November 17, 2012


Due to problem with this old template,  please GO to my new blog here:

This new blog is updated on time, 73 Georges

Monday, September 10, 2012

Rebuild 9Q1EK station

-November 08,2012: 70cm Preamplifier done !
- September 25, 2012:  2m Preamplifier and QRO coaxial relays in a RF box, done !
For 2m operation ; Parts used:

-          RF aluminum waterproof enclosure.

-          Transmit Coaxial relays EME HF 4002/3-7/16 (see specifs below)

-          Receive Coaxial relays TOHTSU CX-140D  @ 150 Mhz : Cross-talk suppressor: 51dB; Insertion loss: 0,1dB; Switching time: 12 ms  ../..
-          Transmit Coaxial cable RG393/U @ 150 Mhz :Power handling:  3.7 Kw ; Attenuation: 0.09dB/m;
-          Receive semi rigid Coaxial cable Multiflex UT141-50
-          50 Ohms termination
-          Preamplifier KHUNE DB6NT MKU LNA 144A (specifs installed : 26,5 dB- noise 0,35 dB)
-    Connector XLR male (control from TX/RX sequencer)
-          RF connectors 7/16 female

I know ! coax relays, connectors, etc... are expensive, but ! the project was able to withstand the power in the futur (above 2,5 kw) and have sufficient insulation vs frequency to protect the preamp.
Next step will be: same RF switch box for 70cm, 23cm and separate three bands RX/TX sequencer.

September 14, 2012: All options are installed.
      ( 2 x DSP UT106; Filters FL-132/FL-133 ; Crystal CR-293; UX-910) and small adjustment of the sensitivity on the three band. (see W6PQL IC-910H tweaks).

Next step will be the construction of outdoor switch box and preamplifier`s DB6NT KUHNE.

September 03, 2012, Finally, parts coming in Kinshasa, IC-910 buy through eBay and parts from ICOM France and DIFONA Germany. As promised I will try to put 9Q land on EME 2m, 70cm, 23cm, 13cm.
More development later...


Wednesday, May 09, 2012

500w 70cm LDMOS Amplifier

October 08 2102: Waiting for the Kit of Jim W6PQL.  1Kw 70 cm.

On bench...!!  70cm module I0JXX amplifier. I am in standby for 4x300w 70cm Palett  I0JXX or W6PQL Kit.
Update on time.... (When parts/components will arrive in 9Q land...)
 73 de 9Q1EK

600w 23cm LDMOS Amplifier

 November 08, 2012: check and mod is necessary for each module, because high VSWR at the input.

 October 09, 2012: On progress.. ! 4 pallet I0JXX - 200MOD1296
Waiting for Heatsink's, Fan's,
 W6PQL Output Hybrid Coupler
IPP  Input Hybrid Coupler

On bench...!! 4 x 23cm module I0JXX amplifier. Update on time.... (When parts/components will arrive in 9Q land...)
 73 de 9Q1EK

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1 KW 2M LDMOS Amplifier

I'm on track for kw 144 mhz LDMOS amplifier, but not easy in 9Q land.. the update of this article when it will be operational.. (pictures updated on time.) 73 9Q1EK
lot of parts from Jim W6PQL.

Big power supply for all Amplifiers 2m, 70cm, 23cm

Thursday, March 01, 2012

9Q1EK Burglarized

Why 9Q1EK station was in standby since a very long time (2009).
Despite I sent a couple of SOS through couple of Ham web site, no answer !
I had more answers when my station was on air when I sent CQ for Pile up !!
After a long traumatism, (mental and financial) I am under way to build and to try to put 9Q land in EME (nothing of foreseen from 1,8 to 50 mhz, No HF equipments), Articles very soon on the developments for 144 - 432- 1296.
73 Georges

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Labels of wine in Morse Code

While surfing on the net, I saw this:... Original for Ham Radio world, isn’t it!

Wines from Australia

“Henry’s Drive wines are branded along a postal theme. The Morse Code range pays homage to the first electronic mail system. The variety of each wine is printed on the label in Morse Code.”

2009 Morse Code Shiraz
“Henry’s Drive wines say: “In this digital world, we remember the craft of the postal telegraphists. For decades their Morse signals, dexterously delivered across Australia's great telegraph line, connected us with the world and helped to save countless lives. We honour the Morse Codian Fraternity with this collection of fine wines”.

Even for a good telegraphist… Has use with moderation.. Thanks “Henry’s Drive wines”

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Histoire de Sequenceur

En 2007, toujours depuis la RD Congo, Kinshasa, je voulais commander directement ma station Transceiver/Amplificateur HF depuis la clef de morse Iambic. J'ai donc constuit mon 1er séquenceur. (schéma va venir....)

Par la suite, pour les commandes de commutation Préampli, antennes en VHF et UHF, je me suis inspiré d'un schéma fort simple et sans réglage de F1HRU.
Ici le lien, schémas, circuits:
Je n'ai pas pu reproduire le schéma exact proposé, mais cela fonctionne ..!

Il sera intégré dans le boitier de relayage du préampli et relais coaxiaux avec 3 relais coax au lieu de 4..mieux, mais plus cher !

(en test.. notamment pour l'isolement du port RX sur la charge 50 ohms)

Construit a partir du modèle W5UN.